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20 Unique And Cool Creative Workshops in Singapore For Money Making Business

Engage in an art or craft activity to take your mind off of all the browsing and typing you've been doing lately. Hobbies also provide us with a useful way to decompress and rekindle our childhood curiosity. Fortunately for us Singaporeans, this beautiful island offers a wide variety of fascinating craft programs suitable for all skill levels workshops in Singapore. So, gather your pals or go it alone; test your imagination with these side business ideas Singapore.

Top Money Making Business Ideas And Workshops in Singapore

1. Team Workshop On Candle Making

Scent Supply Co.'s Signature scented candle workshops in Singapore foster camaraderie among workers and clients, and it ensures that your team will have an enjoyable, instructive, and delightful time.

You'll be pleasantly surprised by the variety of fragrance combinations you can try out as we assist you in crafting your distinctive signature scent, thanks to our extensive range of over 70* excellent perfumes. Additionally, you can personalize the dyed types of candle's color.

2. Workshop For lampshades

Little personal touches are always enjoyable to add to a space, especially when they are handcrafted items. The zero-waste furniture firm Naturalis Historia is offering courses on how to make lampshades, which is a great way for you to get your hands dirty and make something unique for your house.

You will first be able to select from a wide variety of textiles and then pick your favorite design of lamp, which includes drum, empire, and standing. Consider textures like denim and prints with florals, animals, and batik designs. Additionally, you are welcome to bring your fabric if none of the alternatives are appealing to you. Just remember to ask about the ideal dimensions for the greatest outcomes.

3. Painting Tingkat with Nyonya Artist

Explore the colorful realm of Nyonya art with an enthusiastic Peranakan painter. Here, you can learn about the significant themes and legends of the Peranakan tradition while painting your version of the classic Tingkat. For individuals seeking a creative and cultural experience, this workshop is a must-try. since it provides the ideal fusion of art, culture, and tradition. Thus, you can earn 50k$ workshop Singapore but just simple painting techniques.

4. Create Beautiful Ceramics on Rooftop Studio

This is the next step up in terms of style, even for those who have done ceramics before. Tiff's glazing technique is quite stunning, and her creations can be found in the Mandarin Oriental, Shangri-La, Intercontinental, and Ritz-Carlton. Tiff gives these beginning pottery workshops in Singapore to anyone interested in learning, and they are held at her stunning rooftop studio.

5. Acquire Painting and Ukulele Skills

Why not learn to paint and play the ukulele in one unusual art jam session if you're searching for something really unconventional and really enjoyable? Ukuleles bring back wonderful memories of beach days and holiday movies. Spend your afternoon painting and strumming the ukulele to channel the spirit of the holidays:)

6. Chocolate Making Workshop

There is chocolate everywhere! However, are you aware of its origin, given that it emerges from the earth?

Everyone who likes chocolate or hands-on cooking is welcome to attend this two-hour course. Take part in the first-ever live chocolate-making session in Singapore and discover the history and production of the popular confection. Raw cacao beans will be roasted, and they will gradually become chocolate.

7. Skilled Artisan in Leather Crafting

You will master the trade of traditional leather craftsmanship from knowledgeable artisans during this two-hour class. You will be able to create your leather item and personalize it with your name or initials for the ideal bespoke piece. This is an excellent workshop to do with friends or if you want to create something unique for a special someone!

8. PURRM Salon: Reusing Broken Glass

Recycle unwanted glass debris to create lovely flower vases or home décor. Dying Trades is a craft studio that aims to achieve zero waste by upcycling, repurposing, and reusing abandoned materials, which is how they conduct the classes. Discover artisanal brooms and brushes made from bamboo and coconut husk fibers, as well as hand-knotted bags made from recycled pine tree branches.

As of this writing, there has been no announcement of further sessions. For information about updates on their upcoming workshops in Singapore, follow them on Instagram.

9. Club Tuft

Give yourself around four hours to attend the $195 rug-making workshop at Tuft Club. Create fluffy artwork by playing and painting with yarn at the first tufting corporate team building workshop In Singapore.

10. Potters' Resentment

The eight-lesson novice program, which costs more than $535 per person, covers centering, throwing, trimming, and glazing. Students will be able to create six to ten fired pieces that they may take home. So, mold your next ramen bowl or coffee mug and see it come to life from beginning to end. You won't look at vessels the same way again we guarantee it.

11. Type8ar

Try your hand at typing your letter at Type8ar. If you're looking for something more involved, sign up for their $48 session to learn about the history and fundamentals of the iconic machine and to take home a piece of personal typewritten memento. On-site rentals of typewriters are also offered, along with free beverages and an endless supply of stationery, card stock, paper, and other supplies. For a change, how about putting your thoughts on paper using a click-clack machine?

12. Chapter on Tea

Although tea is a common beverage, did you know that there are several ways to appreciate it? Explore the philosophy and history of the art of tea in the Tea Chapter. Everyone is welcome to this session, regardless of whether they are a history buff, a tea enthusiast, or just curious. There are two packages to choose from: Shades Of Tea and From Dusk Till Dawn. The latter offers a more extensive assortment of tea and pastries. The purpose of these packages is to give a personalized introduction to the history, qualities, and various methods of appreciating Chinese tea.

13. Crafune

Take a class at Crafune and learn how to work with leather to make a variety of items, including wallets, watch straps, money clips, bracelets, and even bags! The workshop guarantees quality because it works with premium vegetable-tanned leather. It's a great idea for a date or a solitary activity.

14. Muyu

At Muyu's Ikigai woodworking workshop, you can begin small and have fun doing woodworking without having to lift huge objects. Enjoy slowly crafted jewelry made with hand tools for carpentry and locally obtained materials throughout the three-hour session. Additionally, you will be able to learn about the preservation of trees, the many wood grains used to make jewelry, how to use hand tools for woodworking,

15. Maintain Calm

Are you having trouble finding a scent in stores that you like? Attend a session to make candles and take matters into your own hands. You can select from more than 60 smells at To Be Calm's session to find the perfect one for you. Learn about fragrance oil categories, varieties of wax, and how scents can bring back memories in addition to enjoying the fragrance buffet.

16. Gold & Behold

At Gold & Behold, a brand-new studio in Hillview Terrace. It provides kintsugi workshops in Singapore, to discover beauty in imperfection. The idea of the Japanese art form known as "kintsugi" is to embrace imperfections. Usually, artisans combine pieces of shattered pottery to emphasize the seams instead of covering them up with powdered gold lacquer.  

17. Tombalek

Customizing your knife doesn't require you to be a chef. Even though it may sound scary, anyone who enjoys working with and forging metal can learn how to become a bladesmith. Make a knife to cut thick slices of sashimi at home or to use for aggressive dicing and slicing during your next cook-off. Try the tiki cup workshop, where hammering sheets of metal carve vessels, if you'd prefer to work with something less pointed.

18. Matters Prints

It may surprise you to learn that paper does not always originate from chopped trees. At Prints n Matters Singapore cooperative business, sustainability is made enjoyable. You can learn how to upcycle resources and create your paper from paper pulp in just three easy steps. Go crazy. There's no limit to how many you can make.

19. Knuckles And Notch

At Knuckles and Notch, a printing and publishing facility, try your hand at Risograph printing instead of the dull conventional methods. This method uses the Risograph machine to create multi-layered prints with a lovely handmade appearance. Beginners can create up to five original works of art by experimenting with various materials, shapes, and colors in Knuckles and Notch's workshop, which costs $80. Go wild and crazy with risograph printing; it encourages experimentation and flaws.

20. Stone For Gold

Long before YouTube lessons were popular, Xie Hui was searching through books and periodicals to make his leather items. In 2008, he finally launched his leathercraft studio. In their workshops (from $79), Xie and his five-person team frequently teach aspiring leathercrafters the craft. You may manufacture and take home items like pet collars, currency wallets, and watch bands; no prior expertise is necessary because they will walk you through every step of the process. But those who lack patience should not pursue leather crafting. A session can last anywhere from two to four hours, depending on how difficult the item is that you're constructing.

Regardless of your current situation, a new side business can help you get closer to your financial objectives. Side jobs can potentially develop into your primary source of revenue, depending on your abilities, from a supplement. Read the above blog and find out the best ways to earn money with these side workshops in Singapore.

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