Hand-Blown Glass Candlesticks for Home Decoration Candle Table

14 Hand-Blown Glass Candlesticks for Home Decoration Ideas

Prepare to take your candle game to a whole new level. Whether you're using it as a mantelpiece decoration or as a formal dining table centerpiece. It will also look good as a candle holder.

Moreover, candlesticks and candelabras are an easy way to instantly add ambiance and character to your house. Therefore, you need look no further than our top-notch collection of beautiful candle holders.

These candle holders are available right now if you need a new home for your favorite colorful candles or want to wow your guests the next time you host dinner. In this blog article, we're going to discuss 14 hand-blown glass candlesticks for home decoration ideas.

How Is a Candle Holder Used?

While some candle holders may accommodate hefty pillar candles or tealights, the majority are made to accommodate taper or slender dinner candles. If you plan to put it outside or next to a doorway, lanterns are a terrific idea because they will keep your candle from blowing out in any breezes.

Melt the bottom of the dinner candle a little bit and pour some of its hot wax into the candle holder or candelabra to fasten it. You can use them for pottery candles as well.

After inserting the candle, wait a few seconds for the wax to cool before removing it. Always remember to extinguish candles before they are two centimeters from the holder.

If you choose a colored candle holder, think about choosing a candle with a contrasting tint for an interesting, eclectic look.

What Distinguishes a Candelabra from A Candle Holder?

Traditionally used at the center of a dining table for formal meals, a candelabra is a type of candle holder with numerous arms, like Lumière from Beauty and the Beast.

Anything that can hold a candle is a candle holder, such as candelabras, tealight holders, and candlesticks, which frequently feature sharp ends to hold candles in place.

Which Kinds of Candle Holders Are There?

There are many different styles and sizes of candle holders, ranging from traditional gold candelabras with several candles to hardwood stands with large pillar candles.

Think about how you will utilize the candle holder while selecting the style. A dinner setting will seem more formal and special with candelabras and higher candlesticks.Get a decorative candle lighter for this purpose.

Choose glass candlesticks to prevent blocking anyone's vision across the table, or use them at a height that won't interfere with discussion while providing a soft glow for your guests.

Choose pillar candle holders or easily portable single candle holders to create a cozy and comfortable ambiance in your living area. Certain sculptural candle stands make statement pieces on bookshelves or coffee tables, even without candles.

When arranging candlesticks on a shelf or mantelpiece, try to arrange them in odd numbers and at varying heights. You can choose various sizes and forms, but to keep the whole thing cohesive, use a single-color scheme, material, or style.

The Top 14 Candle Holders Traditional Candelabras

This is the list of 14 top candle holders, including everything from eye-catching, statement candlesticks and traditional candelabras to adaptable lanterns. Also, there are simple glass holders; there's something for every taste, price range, and occasion.

1. Holders For Bubble Candles

This abstract glass candle holder has a curved bubble design and a lovely colored tint in one or two tones, and it is ideal for holding rainbow-colored table candles for a selection of vibrant candles, mix, and match.

2. Dialog Tables Glass Candle Holder in A Bohemian Style

Our preferred choice for a colorful and curved outdoor tablescape or outdoor dining is these glass candle holders. Use pastel dinner candles in a variety of colors.

3. Ocean Glass Candlestick Holder by Anna and Nina

This candle holder, with its exquisite curves and flowing ring, will become a mainstay on your dinner table.

4. Metal Candlestick From H&M

We are huge fans of sculptural candlesticks, and this H&M design will look fantastic displayed on a mantelpiece while not in use.

5. Medium Wooden Candle Holder

This sturdy, textured wooden candle holder from M&S is the ideal size for a pillar candle to create a cozy, welcoming atmosphere.

6. Amri Iron Candlestick

With Nkuku's antique-style single candle holders, which come with a drip tray and handle, you may realize all your thoughts about period drama. Place one on your nightstand to imagine reading by candlelight or in the event decoration ideas that power cuts.

7. Candleholder with Faceted Pink and Green Crystal Tealight

Oliver Bonas's latest line of vividly colored jeweled candlesticks is seriously bringing back fond memories for us in the greatest way possible. You may place a tealight on one side and a tall dinner candle on the other, thanks to this ingenious design that even flips over.

8. Candle Holder for Dinner Arch

This arching candle holder is striking and modern and has a stunning blue glaze that checks all the style boxes. Place it on the mantel or sideboard and use it as an adornment while not in use.

9. Dark Dinner Candelabra

In addition to being quite affordable, this sleek black candelabra would look great in a minimalist or Scandi-inspired setting. There's no better way to wow guests.

10. Reclaimed wood candle holder from the past

This multi-candle holder combines a rustic and homey touch with reclaimed wood. It would look fantastic as a centerpiece for an entertainment area or as a fall and winter window seat.

11. Orange Ceramic Candlestick Holder with Splatters

Given the widespread use of splatterware at the moment, why limit this vibrant trend to dinnerware? These colorful and multicolored ceramic candle holders will provide a bold homage to the trend.

12. Wiggle Candlestick Editions with Biases

For a good cause, the wiggle candlestick by Bias Editions has become something of a modern cult classic. As they are available in a variety of heights and colored powder-coated steel finishes, we advise combining a couple for a unique aesthetic.

13. Holder for Gold Octopus Candlesticks

What a hoot this gold octopus is from Rockett St George, the store that invented eccentric décor. We're fixated. Place a rainbow of vibrantly colored candles on top.

14. Alaina Candelabra

You've found the perfect table arrangement for romance. When entertaining, this fanciful candelabra with its fairy tale-inspired branch and bird design is sure to wow your guests.


These were some of the most prominent candle holder styles that you can purchase easily. Also, if you are looking for hand-blown glass candlesticks, we have an amazing collection at Luna Scents.

We combine our own wax for our signature candles, which ensures a clean, extended burn time and resistance to frost and perspiration. We take great care in selecting fragrances candle that exude sophistication and set a tone that is in line with your company image. So, purchase today in bulk at affordable prices and with timely shipment!

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