Wholesale Private Label Candles

At Lunascents, our Private Label Candle Service offers complete flexibility. Whether you’re starting a new business, growing your product line, or expanding your brand with a new line. Your business can concentrate on building your brand while we make the merchandise.

Our network of suppliers can meet any private label need in fragrance, packaging, and more - quickly bringing your ideas to life.

Order Small Bundles (Private Label)

private and customized labels candles

for businesses

High Quality for your Business

Customize your own candles, perfumes, and reed diffusers with quality packaging for your brand.

Our signature candles are made of our in-house wax blend, which guarantees a clean, long burn, along with being sweat and frost resistant. We carefully pick the scents that provide an air of refinement, creating a mood that is consistent with your brand image.

Lunascents aims to be the world's biggest manufacturer of private-label candles. At the same time aiming to maintain a handmade, environmentally responsible production process. 

To design and produce your ideal Wholesale Private Label Candle collection, email us with your project details.

Private label candles manufacturers in Singapore

corporate gifting

Private Label Candles Manufacturer for Bulk Orders

As a custom private-label fragrance supplier , we offer corporate gift customisation services on top of business products.

Impress your clients and event guests with custom-branded candles, perfumes, reed diffusers, and gift sets that speak highly of your brand.

Furthermore, we can handle all private fill programs for spas, hotels, corporate gifts, and small shops. Also, we have the professionals to craft the best candles and the industry knowledge of the newest trends in fragrances. 

For large orders above 500 sets, we can create bespoke fragrances, vessels, and packaging. Kindly get in touch with us to talk about your needs.

Wedding & Event Door Gifts in Singapore

door gifts

Wedding & Event Door Gifts

Make events memorable with Lunascents Private Label's unique door gifts. From our Singapore Headquarters, we serve a global clientele, offering personalized candles, enchanting perfumes, and captivating reed diffusers for your next event.


Eco-friendly, Handmade fragrance lines for your brand

  • Handmade with Love

    Fragrance products evoke feelings and memories. The point of it is to feel the love and effort put into these bottles/jars of joy. We keep that spirit by making it all by hand.

  • Sustainable Practices

    We pride ourselves in keeping our processes as low waste and eco-friendly as possible. While keeping your products scalable and profitable, it's a win-win!