About us

Lunascents is a manufacturing company based in Singapore, creating private label candles for your every need. Create branded candles for your business, weddings, events, and corporate gifts. 

Meet our team!

Here's a short introduction of our humble team behind the design, development, and production of your dream fragrance lines.

Lindsey L.

Lunascents CEO, Head chandler

I started Lunascents with a passion for handmade products, and a love for creating designs. I lead our team with drive and determination to bring the best products into the market. I keep all our processes sustainable, and never stop working at it!

K. Lee Lee

head of operations and logistics

Hi, I'm Lee Lee! I take care of all things logistics and packing, making sure all your products reach you safely and on time! Catch me at work on our Instagram page or in pictures.

Gabrielle Anand

international sales executive - Australia

Hey I'm Gabrielle, and I'm based in Australia. I love speaking with anyone about ideas and the products of their dreams! Contact me at gabrielleanand@shoplunascents.com if you wish to have a chat!