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Custom Private Label Fragrance Supplier

Looking to create a private perfume label fragrance collection that's affordable? Lunascents is a market leader in custom fragrance manufacturing and formulation. We are a Custom Private Label Fragrance Supplier, and we can help!

Whether you’re looking for a manufacturing partner or starting your own fragrance line from scratch, Lunascents is the right place to start. We transform your ideas of custom candles, perfumes, and home fragrances into reality.

  • Exceptional Quality & Customisation Possibilities for Scent Creation

    Lunascents is a custom private label candle & perfume manufacturing company with a wide network of producers to leverage on. Delve into our expertise and work with us on a 2-month long custom fragrance formulation process.

  • Build your Business with Wholesale & Private Label

    Our bulk private label fragrances are ideal for companies and retailers seeking to improve their brand’s image. This is why we are offering bespoke perfumes with exclusive quality and affordable prices.

    Get in touch with our Private Label Scented Candles Supplier or visit Lunascent’s webpage for more information.

How to Work with Us

We work worldwide, and we will assist you every step of the way!

Our minimum order for full-service products is generally 500-1000 pieces. This includes custom creation, custom labeling, and custom product packaging. A full range of products for your business can be created. Simply reach out and we will be with you shortly.

(*NEW*) We are opening up to in-stock direct orders via our website for customers who are looking for lower quantities. The customisation options are more limited, but MOQs are lower. Read more below!

  • Pick Best Fragrance

    Fragrance will evoke a sense of branding that is unforgettable to your customers or guests. Creating or picking a unique fragrance is key.

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  • Pick Your Vessel

    For every product, the vessel will give your product space to shine. Pick the right jars, bottles, or tins to convey your branding.

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  • Pick your Packaging

    The finishing touch to your own product private label. Fully customizable with printing or labelling capabilities. Find boxes, bags, and more.

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