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Exclusive In-House Workshops

Our in-house workshops in Singapore house up to 12 participants at a time. Be amazed with the cosiest atmosphere, and a lesson that includes fun, charm, and learning. 

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Corporate Team Building Workshops Singapore

Collaborate with LunaLab Workshops for your next team building event for an amazing experience. Our corporate team building workshop in Singapore sessions boost communication and enhance performance, on top of being fun and engaging.

We manage and plan workshops with up to 500 - 1000 participants. Take the planning off your shoulders and send us the info.

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Private Workshops and Fragrance Bars

Transform your special occasions with LunaLab's private workshops and fragrance bars, perfect for weddings, parties, and events. Elevate your gathering with our customizable experiences, where guests engage in crafting bespoke scents and memorable creations. Our expert team curates a delightful atmosphere, infusing your celebration with a touch of enchantment and personalized elegance. Let LunaLab add a unique, fragrant charm to your cherished moments.

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